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Create a job easily from Tradify's mobile Jobs dashboard.

Create a Job within the Tradify App by:

  1. Head to the Jobs tab, which is the second tab in the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Select the blue plus button.
  3. Add a customer to the Job.
  4. Add any other details.
  5. Select Save.
Note: Once you're in the Job screen, the following fields will be available to edit. 

Customer – Use this field to add the relevant Customer to your Job.

Note: If this Job is for a new customer, click the '+' icon to create the customer from scratch. You can find out more about entering a new customer here. 

Site - Use this if your customer has separate physical locations and you wish to record which customer location this Job is at. 

Reference – Use to add a reference for the Job.

Pricing Level - Use to determine which pricing set to charge on this Job. Find out more about Pricing Levels here.

Job Category #1 and #2 – A way of categorising your jobs in a meaningful way. The default categories are priority and job type, you can use these or define your own custom categories. Find out more about Job Categories here.

Job Address – The physical address of the Job. Search for the address by typing in the job address field. Once the address has been located, a green tick will appear on the right-hand side. This indicates Tradify's ability to display this job on the map.

Job Description – Use to add a description of the work to be done.

Job Contact, Phone and Mobile – The contact details of the person who has requested the work.

Site Contact, Phone and Mobile – The contact details of the person located on site.

Custom #1 – #4 – Use Custom fields to add information specific to your business that you wish to record on the job. Find out more about setting up and configuring Custom fields here. 

Assign Staff – Use this button to select the staff to assign to the Job.

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