Creating & Configuring Job Templates

Templated Jobs give you a quick and easy way to create Jobs of similar type without the need to start from scratch every time.

A templated Job can hold key information such as the description and custom fields, as well as additional data that is used at the point of job creation, for example:

  • Tasks - Can be used as checklists for staff to complete.
  • Staff assignments - Great if you regularly assign the same people to work.
  • Document attachments - Useful for attachment Terms and Conditions or other documents you always need for the Job.



How to create a new Job Template from scratch

To create a new Job template from scratch, head over to Jobs > New Job Template.


Within the Job Template Name field, provide a name which makes the template easy to identify.

Note: Job Template names must be unique.

Once you've given your Template a name and clicked OK, the following fields become available to edit.

Category fields - For more information on setting up and configuring Category fields, please see here.

Description - Use to input a description of the Template. The Description field will be populated over to the Job Description exactly as it's formatted within the template.

Tasks - Job Tasks give you the ability to allocate and manage specific actions or stages that need to be completed on a Job. Due to the ability to place a budget against each Task, they can also be used to track costs per stage or milestone on a Job.


  • Name - Gives the Task a title.
  • Description - Describes what the Task is in relation to.
  • Staff - Allows you to assign Staff to the Task.
  • Days Until Due - Gives you the ability to set a due date to the Task.
Note: Due date will be set to X days after the creation date of the Job. If left blank, Tradify will set the due date to the Job creation date.
  • Estimated - Gives you the ability to add an estimated cost to the Task. 

Custom Fields - For more information on setting up and configuring Custom fields, please see here.

Staff Members - Click the + icon to assign staff.

Note: Notifications will be sent to the relevant staff member(s) once the Job has been created.

Notes - Use this field to add notes or attachments to your template. For more information on adding notes and attachments, please see here.

Once you’ve added all the necessary details to your Template, click the Save button.




Turn an existing Job into a Template

Tradify also has the ability to convert existing Jobs into a Template. This may be useful if you’ve previously created a job which is likely to be re-used again in future for similar types of work.

Important Note: Time, costs, scheduled appointments & notes will not carry over to the Template. Only the Job information will be copied.

Head over to Jobs and open relevant Job. Then select the Options tab, followed by Copy Job to Template.


Provide a Name for your new Job Template and select OK.

Note: Tradify won’t be able to create the Template unless it’s given a unique name.


Note: Tradify will now take you to the newly created Template. If you'd like to add extra details to the Template, feel free to do so now.

Once you’ve added all the necessary details to your Template, click the Save button to create your Template.

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