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Learn more about how you can schedule Jobs on Tradify's web app.

There are two methods that you can use to schedule a Job. The first is to schedule the Job via the Scheduler, and the second is to schedule the Job from within the Job itself.

Scheduling a Job via the Scheduler

To access the Scheduler in Tradify, follow these steps:

  1. Open Tradify and navigate to the Scheduler section.
  2. Choose the calendar view that suits your needs and preferences. The options include horizontal, vertical, and a month view.

To schedule a job using the Scheduler, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the desired time slot within the calendar view.
  2. Click on the slot to initiate the scheduling process.

Once you've selected a time slot, customise the appointment according to your preferences:

  1. Utilize the provided fields to enter relevant details such as appointment title, duration, and location.
  2. Assign any necessary staff members to the appointment.

Saving the Scheduled Appointment

After customising the appointment, save it to complete the scheduling process:

  1. Review all entered details to ensure accuracy.
  2. Click the "Save" button to create the scheduled appointment.

When a Job is scheduled, the following occurs:

  • On the day the Job is scheduled for, the Job will appear in the staff member’s Job list under Today's Jobs.
  • The Job Status will automatically change to Scheduled.
  • If the corresponding staff members haven't already been assigned to the Job, a notification will be sent notifying them that the Job has been assigned to them.
Note: In order to receive notifications, users must first have notifications enabled within their user preferences. For more information on configuring notifications, please see here.

Additional Notes:

  1. Calendar Views: The Scheduler offers multiple calendar views, including horizontal, vertical, and month view. Choose the view that suits your preferences and provides a clear overview of your scheduled appointments.

  2. Using the Month View: If you opt for the Month view, please note that the starting and ending times won't be visible until you click on the specific day you wish to schedule the appointment for. For more information on adjusting your Scheduler's start and end times, refer to our dedicated resource on changing Scheduler settings.

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