Why do my Tradify Appointments sometimes show up in Google Calendar?

Tradify has a 1-way sync with Google Calendar where you can sync your Google Calendar appointments over to Tradify to help see staff availability. 

Check out more on Connecting and Using Google Calendar in Tradify here. 

Your Tradify appointments don’t sync back to your Google Calendar, but if you use Gmail and receive email notifications of jobs, you may see Tradify appointments appear in your calendar due to Gmail’s “Event Creation from Emails” feature.

This is a Google feature that uses machine learning to detect event-related details in emails. When it identifies relevant information like dates, times, and locations, it suggests creating a calendar event. 

This feature can be helpful, but just be careful when using it for Tradify appointments as it may not include ALL updates to appointments, if your appointment has been changed within Tradify, this is not guaranteed to update your Google Calendar appointments. 

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