How to Show Google Calendar Appointments on Mobile


Today we will walk through how to turn on(/off) your Google calendar appointments in Tradify Mobile.



To get started;

  1. Head to the 'Scheduler' page from the lower navbar > Then tap the 3 dots ' ... ' in the top right corner. (See below for reference)

    Gcal mobile 1.jpg

  2. This will bring up an menu > In the menu tap 'Show External Calendar'.

    Gcal mobile 2.jpg
  3. Now you can see you google calendar appointments in your Tradify mobile app! 

    Gcal mobile 3.jpg

To turn it off, simply follow the same process but if you Google Calendar is already showing it will have the option 'Hide External Calendar' instead.


Additional Information

For info on how to set up your Google Calendar integration with Tradify see here: How to connect Google Calendar

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