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Platform: Web            Plan: Pro | Plus            Staff Permission: Invoicing & Settings

When you create a New Invoice, scroll down to the Payment Options section and click the toggle to ‘Enable payment reminder emails on this invoice’. This setting will be off by default:


When you enable reminders, they will be sent to all email addresses included in the To: field. The customer will receive a reminder email:

    • 3 days before the due date
    • On due date
    • 3 days after the due date
    • 7 days after the due date

 Once the invoice has been marked as Paid, email reminders will stop.

Important note:  Once reminders have been activated, all email addresses that have previously been sent the invoice will be included in the 'to:' field in the reminder email and therefore visible to all recipients.


Points to consider

  • If you are integrated with an accounting system other than Xero and reconcile your payments there, Tradify recommends using the accounting system’s payment reminder feature.
  • If payments are only reconciled against an invoice in the accounting system, unless the payment is applied to the invoice in Tradify too, the customer will continue to receive payment reminders for an outstanding invoice.
  • If Stripe Credit Card Payments are applied to an invoice, the Tradify reminders will stop:


  • If the customer clicks the Already paid this invoice? link to say they have paid the invoice, the reminders will stop.  You will get an email so you can double check they have actually paid, and you can remove the payment if it was a mistake.


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