Keeping your fonts consistent in Tradify's Documents

Tradify's latest Document Style utilises the same font used throughout the Tradify app. This font is called Roboto, but to make it clear that this is our recommended system font, we have included it as an entry to the list called Default.

For full consistency between quote and invoice descriptions, custom terms & conditions and the new quotes, invoices, job service reports and purchase orders we recommend you stick to the combination of the Default font and font size 11pt. This is also the default setting for all new jobs and documents created from 14 July.

If you wish to update your previously created text fields to our recommended settings or wish to change to an alternative, then you can follow the steps below.



To make the fonts more consistent:

  1. Select all of the text within a description (use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + A).


  2. In the text options, select Default and 11pt.


  3. Select Save to ensure your changes are saved.
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