How To Use Document Themes for Quotes

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Start with How to Use Document Themes if you haven’t used document themes before.

This article covers the document theme options specific to Quotes.

  1. When creating or customising a document theme change to the Quotes tab.


  2. Make your changes - see Quote Settings below for details.
  3. Click Save.

Quote Settings

Quote Title & Draft Quote Title: these are used as the title on the quote. Which title is used is based on whether the quote has been approved or is still a draft quote.


Terms: these are the default terms that will be added to a quote when you select this Document Theme. If you change the selected Document Theme on a quote, the Terms on that quote will be overwritten with the Terms from the newly selected document theme.


Note: if you are customising the currently selected Document Theme from the Preview tab of a quote, making a change to the Terms WON’T automatically be applied. You’ll need to update the Terms directly on the quote.

Quote Details: this is all the quote and job information you can choose to have in the header of your quotes.

Show job number: if this is switched on and the quote is associated with one or more jobs, the job number(s) will appear in the quote header.

Show site: if this is switched on:

  • the name of the Job Site on the Quote will appear in the quote header.mceclip4.png
  • Also, if the show job address is switched off, and/or there is no job or more than one job associated with the quote, then the address associated with the selected Job Site on the quote will be shown as Site Address on the quote.

Show job address: if this is switched on, and there is a single job associated with the quote, the address on the job will appear in the quote header.


Show reference: if this is switched on, and there is a Reference on the quote, it will appear in the quote header.


Show description: if this is switched on the Description provided on the quote will appear above or below the line items depending on your selection. 


Line Items: choose whether or not to show the breakdown of line items on quotes using this document theme.


If you choose to Show line items, then you can also choose which line item columns to show on the quote.

  1. Show quantity
  2. Show unit price
  3. Show discount
  4. Show amount


Sections: if you have used sections in your quote, you can use these options to manage how they appear. 

Show sections: If you switch this on, the section headers are displayed on the quote.


Show section total: If you switch this on, it will display the Section subtotals 


Show section Line items: displays the Line Items grouped under each Section in the quote

Quote reminder emails defaulted ‘on’: if this option is switched on, the email reminders option will be automatically switched on.



Please note: These document theme settings will have a different impact on quotes that contain options. See this article for more information.

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