Using Tradify's Electrical & Gas Safety Certificates in Australia and New Zealand

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Learn more about using the Forms & Certs feature in Tradify to create, sign and send off electrical and gas safety certificates in New Zealand and Australia.

Please Note: These forms are currently available to Australian and New Zealand Tradify users. New Zealand offers electrical, gas and general safety forms whereas Australia offers electrical and general safety forms.

For more information on the JSA and SWMS forms available in Australia and New Zealand, see Understanding JSA and SWMS forms on Tradify.

For more information on gas safety certificates in the United Kingdom, please see Understanding Gas Safety Certificates on Tradify Web and Mobile.

Creating an electrical/gas safety certificate in Tradify

To easily create a certificate in Tradify:

  1. Head to a Job.
  2. Within this Job, head to the Forms & Certs tab. 
  3. Select the Create button.
  4. Select your desired form. Depending on what territory you're in, you will be provided with different options. 
  5. Your business and customers' detail will automatically populate, however, you can edit these as necessary
  6. Fill out the certification details.
  7. Select SavePrint or Preview.

Understanding Australian state regulations and Tradify certificates

Please note that in Australia, state regulations mean that certain certificates must be filled out on a specific platform. Tradify only offers the following three certificates:

  • Queensland Certificate of Testing.
  • Northern Territory Certificate of Compliance.
  • Western Australia Electrical Safety Certificate.

Watch NZ Electrical certs in action


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