Understanding JSA and SWMS Certificate Templates on Tradify

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Understand how to use the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)/High-Risk Construction Work Safe Work Method Statement (HRCW SWMS) forms on Tradify's web and mobile apps. These forms follow New Zealand and Australian regulations and templates.

Note: These forms are available for all Australian and New Zealand trialists and customers. 

For any information relating to the UK Gas Safety Certificates, please check out Understanding Gas Safety Certificates on Tradify Web and Mobile.

Watch NZ JSA & SWMS forms in action

Watch AU JSA & HRCW SWMS in action

Creating and Editing a JSA Form

A Job Safety Analysis form helps to assess site safety. Learn more about what a JSA means for site safety here.

To create a new JSA:

  1. Head to your desired Job.
  2. Go to the Forms tab.
  3. Select Create New Form.
  4. Select JSA NZ.
  5. Add in your job number (the Tradify Job Number is the 'JBXXXX' value in the Serial Number), job description, who prepared the form and who will approve the JSA.
  6. Add in any details regarding Work Permits if needed.
  7. Identify your Hazards (note: you can add two per JSA).
  8. Fill in the required equipment and human resource fields.
  9. Sign in the required fields.
  10. Select SavePreview or Print.


Creating and Editing a SWMS/HRCW Form

The SWMS forms are more comprehensive than the JSA form and include the Steps and Hazards matrix. Learn more about what a SWMS form includes here.

To create a new SWMS:

  1. Head to the Job you'd like to create a SWMS for.
  2. Go to the Forms tab.
  3. Select Create new Form.
  4. Select TA & SWMS NZ/.
  5. Fill in your Business Details.
  6. Fill in your Customer Details.
  7. Select the Steps and Hazards button to identify your risks and control measures. Within these steps and Hazards you will follow the Risk Matrix and Hierarchy of Controls to complete this section.
  8. Sign in the required fields. 
  9. Select Save, Preview or Print.
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