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Understand how you can offer your customers secure online credit card payments. Tradify uses Stripe, a trusted and secure payment processor which enables you to accept credit and debit card payments without needing to set up a merchant account with your bank. 

You can offer your customers online credit card payments on any invoice you email via Tradify. Customers will be taken to a page where they can pay securely online.

Where you can use Stripe

Please note: payments made outside of your region will not work. For example, you cannot make payments for a New Zealand business from Australia. 

Stripe on Tradify is available in the following territories: 

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • United States of America
  • South Africa

This additional payment method provides your customers with a quick, convenient and secure way to pay your invoices. This convenience will in turn give them fewer reasons to delay payment.

You no longer need to continually monitor your internet banking transactions looking for any new customer payments. Now - you can receive a confirmation email when a payment has been made. Tradify will also mark your invoice as paid.

Processing times for eligible countries 

Some countries may be eligible to have accelerated payout times. We recommend you check out Stripe's support content on payout times.

Connecting to Stripe

To start using Tradify Invoice Payments you will need to:

  1. Navigate to Payment Methods within your Settings. 
  2. You will see a new Invoice Payments section, hit the Connect with Stripe button.


  3. Hit the OK button in the pop-up which will appear next.
  4. You will now be taken to a new tab to enter some business details to complete the Stripe connection process. 


    Note: If you already have a Stripe account hit Sign in, in the top right of the page.

  5. When you have completed this form, the tab will close and you will be returned to Tradify. You will now see that you are Connected with Stripe and ready to start taking online credit card payments.


Toggle payments on/off

Now you have enabled credit card payments, they are on my default for all invoices. You can control this at two different levels.

Turn on/off for all invoices:

  1. Go to Settings > Payment Methods
  2. Use the toggle labelled Accept Stripe Card payments


Turn on/off for selected Document Themes:

  1. Go to Settings > Document Themes
  2. Select a Document Theme
  3. Select the Invoices tab
  4. Use the toggle labeled Accept Credit Card Payments


  5. Invoices using this document theme will now all have the Credit Card Payments option available.

Turn on/off for individual invoices:

  1. Select an invoice
  2. Scroll down just past the line items
  3. Use the toggle labelled Accept credit card payments on this invoice


When Credit Card payments have been turned off, users will not see any payment buttons on their invoice emails or PDFs for future invoices sent from Tradify.

Note: You can set the default of the above toggle within Document Themes.
I.e if you would like this toggle to be turned on by default for all new invoices, set the toggle shown below to on (blue).



Configure your Surcharge settings

Stripe Credit Card payments come with fees

You have two options when it comes to handling these fees:

Option 1 - Pass the fee on to your customers as a surcharge:

The customer would see the invoice total, then any additional credit card fees on top of the invoice total.

Option 2 - Absorb the credit card fee yourself

The customer would see no mention of credit card fees. A common practice with this option is to manually build the costs into your invoices.

Configure Surcharges for selected Document Themes

  1. Go to Settings > Document Themes
  2. Select a Document Theme
  3. Select the Invoices tab
  4. Use the toggle labelled Default to pass Stripe payment fees on to customers as a processing fee

  5. All invoices using this Document Theme will now be set to pass on the Stripe payment fee as a surcharge, by default.

Configure Surcharges for individual invoices:

You have further control at an invoice level using the Pass surcharge on to customer toggle, shown below on an invoice detail page.


Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are as follows:

  • Australia, 1.95% of the invoice total + 0.30
  • New Zealand, 2.9% of the invoice total + 0.30
  • United Kingdom, 1.7% of the invoice total + 0.20
  • United States, 3.1% of the invoice total + 0.30
  • Canada, 3.1% of the invoice total + 0.30
  • Ireland, 1.7% of the invoice total + 0.25

Fees are comprised of:

  • Merchant Acquiring fees (varies by card type)
  • Payment Gateway fee (varies by volume)
  • Tradify specific service charges 

Enabling customer payment notifications

If you wish to receive email notifications from Stripe every time a customer makes a payment, you will need to go to your Stripe account and turn on email notifications.

Follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Go to your Stripe account
  2. In the top right-hand corner of the screen, hit the drop-down arrow beside your business name.
  3. From here, hit Profile. Or, click this link to go to your profile.
  4. On your Profile view, under Notifications you can select which events you would like to receive email notifications.
  5. Tick the check box for Successful payments.
  6. Hit Save


From here on, you will receive an email notification from Stripe when a payment has been received.


More info on Stripe email notifications


Customer view: Invoice Email

With the Stripe connection established, you can start sending invoices from Tradify with the credit card payment option.

Complete the steps you would normally take to send an invoice via Tradify. E.g. Create your invoice, add a Customer. Then hit the email icon in the top right.


You will now see the Send Email pop-up. Leave the email template as Invoice but you can adjust any other email information necessary. As usual, the Message area contains the content the customer will see in their email.


The customer will receive the email in the format below.


When the customer hits the green Pay Securely Now button a payment box will appear, see below.

The user can then enter in their card details and hit Pay.


Once the customer has paid the invoice, they will receive an email receipt.



Customer view: Invoice PDF

Your invoices will now also have the Credit Card Payment button displayed. This increases the chances of your customers paying you via Credit Card.


The customer will see the green Pay Securely Now button on the PDF.


When the customer hits the green Pay Securely Now button the invoice will appear online, see below.

When the customer hits the green Pay Securely Now button a payment box will appear, see below.

The user can then enter in their card details and hit Pay.


Once the customer has paid the invoice, they will receive an email receipt.


When you get paid

Payouts of your available account balance are made daily by Stripe and contain payments processed two business days prior (this is how long it takes for your pending account balance to become available on this schedule). For example, payments received on a Tuesday are paid out by Thursday, and payments received on a Friday are paid out by Tuesday. 

This 2-day rolling schedule will only begin after 7 days of Stripe monitoring your business activity, from the day you completed the integration. This delay protects your business, customers, and Stripe from the increased risk of fraudulent activity. If your business operates in a higher-risk industry, you will stay on a 7-day rolling schedule. 

To find out more, visit the Stripe page about Receiving Payouts


Payment Received

I.e. Will I see payments made in Tradify?

Recording invoice payments via Stripe is now automated! To make this happen, we have created a new Payment Method called Online Credit Card. You will see this in Settings > Payment Methods. 


Note: You can not change the name of this Payment Method or delete it. This ensures we can match the payments up to your invoice. You can still assign it an account to align to your current accounting integrations workflow.

When you receive a payment via Stripe, we will log a new payment record on your invoice detail, within the Payments Received section. 


As per usual, this payment will be logged against the total of the Invoice. In this case, the amount due is now 0.00.


Customise your receipt emails

To make the payment receipt email feel like it has come from your company, you can add your branding in Stripe.

Go to Stripe settings to set your brand colour, and your company logo. 


Take this email receipt, for example, the company has added their logo, and colour to match it.


United Kingdom Surcharge Regulations

The Consumer Rights (Payment Surcharges) Regulations 2012 note that for most retail payments, the Regulations ban merchants from charging a fee in addition to the advertised price of a transaction on the basis of a consumer's choice of payment instrument (for example a credit card, debit card or electronic currency). This typically means that you should choose to absorb the fee and not pass it on to the consumer.


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