How To Create a Timesheet Report in Tradify

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Timesheet Reports provide a useful way to see a holistic view of your staff member timesheet entries over a given period of time.

You can use these reports to calculate actual time spent on work versus scheduled time on work.

Note: Timesheet reports will also show a breakdown of non-billable time entered within the given period. If you'd like to view a more detailed comparison between the two billing types, you can do so by creating a productivity report. For more information on this, please see here.


Creating a Timesheet Report

To create a Timesheet Report, head over to Reports > select "Timesheet Report" > then, choose your filters and select "Download".

Note: If you'd like to see a more simplistic report, untick the toggle labelled "Show Detail". Doing so will only show information relating to Customers, Job Numbers, & Hours.




Understanding the Timesheet Report

The timesheet report is broken down into seven columns. Below is a list of what each column represents.

Job No - Relates to the job number which the timesheet entry was entered on.

Customer - Relates to the customer of the job.

Staff Member - Relates to the staff member who entered the timesheet entry.

Billing Rate - Relates to the billing rate used on the timesheet entry.

Notes - Relates to the notes entered on the entry.

Entered On - The date at which the timesheet entry was entered

Hours - Total hours of the timesheet entry.


Timesheet Exports

Doesn't have the information you're looking for? 

Check out Timesheets > Options and Understanding Timesheet Exports for another timesheet reporting option in Tradify. 

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