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Platform: Web            Plan: Plus            Staff Permission: Reports and Financials

The Job Sheet Report shows an overview of certain information relating to a job, such as; contact details, site address, job appointments, job description and staff who have been allocated and the date and time at which staff members have been scheduled.

Job Sheets can also be signed by the Customer on the mobile device. The Signature automatically displays on the Job Sheet which can also be sent to the Customer. For more information on this process, please see here.

Important Note: The Job Sheet does not contain any tasks and/or dollar amounts. This is to ensure that no sensitive information is shown to the customer.


Viewing a singular Job Sheet Report

Note: We recommend using this process for viewing individual reports. If you're wanting to view reports for multiple jobs, we recommend using the second method.

To get to the Job Sheet Report for a particular Job, head over to the Job Dashboard > open the relevant job > then select the "Options" tab > followed by "Job Sheet Report".




Viewing multiple Job Sheet Reports

Note: We recommend using this process if you're wanting to view multiple reports at once. If you're only wanting to view one individual report, we recommend using the first method.

To view multiple reports at once, head over to Reports > select "Job Sheet Reports" > then, choose your filters and select "Download" to compile your reports.

Note: Below is a detailed list of what each filter represents.


Time-period Taskbar Picker - As the names in the taskbar suggest, you use these to filter reports by specific time periods. The time-periods are set to Yesterday, Today, Last Week, This Week, Last Month, This Month, & This Year.

Period Date - You can either choose to filter by the "Scheduled" date or by the "Entered On" date. "Scheduled" relates to when the job was first scheduled. Whereas, "Entered On" relates to when the job was created.

Period From & Period To - Choose the appropriate date range based on the Period Date.

Staff - Click the + icon to select specific staff members which jobs have been assigned to. Otherwise, leave blank to apply to all staff members.

Customer - Choose a specific customer, or leave black to apply to all customers.

Category fields - Filter by a specific category, or leave blank to apply to all.

Show Inactive Jobs - Enabling this option will show reports for jobs that have been completed and/or cancelled.

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