Understanding Timesheet Exports

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Tradify has 2 different options to export timesheet data from Timesheets in Tradify Web. 

Both these files download as a CSV file that you can view/edit in Excel, Google Sheets, or Numbers. 


Where to Export 

  1. Head to your Tradify web login
  2. Timesheets tab
  3. Options
  4. then select the file type, timesheets export, or timesheet summary 

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Export Timesheets to File 

This option includes a more detailed data export, including the following sections: 

Date - Date timesheet was entered, in the format YYYY-MM-DD

Start Time - Start of timesheet entry, e.g. 08:00

Finish Time - End of timesheet entry, e.g. 18:00

Duration - Total hours of that timesheet entry, e.g. 10:00

Staff Member - Relates to the staff member who entered the timesheet entry.

Billing Rate - Relates to the billing rate used on the timesheet entry.

Task - If there is a Job Task attached to the timesheet entry

Notes - Relates to the notes entered on the entry.


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Export Timesheet Summary to File  

This option includes a daily summary of the number of timesheet hours each day per staff member, including the following sections: 

Staff Member - Relates to the staff member who entered the timesheet entry.

Monday - Sunday - Each day of the week, featuring total hours for each day, e.g. 10:00

Week Total - Total hours recorded by that staff member for the week, e.g. 37:00 

Billable Total - Total billable hours (this refers to timesheets that are linked with jobs) excluding orange - non-billable timesheets in Tradify. 

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You can customise the day your week starts on to match your payroll settings in Timesheet Settings


Timesheet Reports

Doesn't have the information you're looking for? 

Check out Reports > Timesheets and Understanding the Timesheet Reports for another timesheet reporting option in Tradify. 

Additional Information

For more info on Exporting see here: How Do I Export my Customers to File?

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