Customising Job Card Styles in Scheduler

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Customising job card styles in Scheduler allows you to tailor the appearance of your appointment cards to match your workflow preferences. By default, the job number and job status are combined to save space, but you can choose between two distinct styles to better suit your needs.


Changing Job Card Styles

  1. Access Settings: Click on the "Settings" tab.

  2. Scheduler Settings: Navigate to the "Scheduler" settings.

  3. Adjust Appointment Card Title: In the "Appointment Card Title" drop-down menu, choose your preferred style.

  4. Save Changes: Save your preferences by selecting "Save."


Available Styles

  1. Job Number and Customer Name: This style displays the job number and customer name on the job card.

  2. Job Status and Job Number: This style shows the job status and job number on the job card.

Select the style that works best for you to enhance your job card appearance and streamline your workflow in Scheduler.

 Job Number and Customer Name:


The Job Status and Job Number:


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