How To Record Timesheet Entries on Tradify Mobile

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Platform: Mobile        Plan: Pro | Plus        Staff Permission: Job & Timesheets

Learn more about using Tradify's Timesheet feature on mobile to capture time.

For more information on our Timesheets function, check out Creating Timesheet Entries on Tradify Web.

On your mobile devices, you can capture time in two different ways:

  • Using the Live Timer on a Job dashboard.
  • Entering time against a Job manually in the Timesheets section.

Using the Live Timer to capture time

To use the Live Timer:

  1. Head to your Job dashboard.
  2. Select the Start Timer button.
  3. Select your Billing Rate and add a note (adding a note is optional).
  4. Select Start. 
  5. If you want to pause your timer, select Pause Timer or if you want to stop your timer, select Stop Timer when you are finished.
  6. Your timer will automatically save as a timesheet entry against the Job, calculating costs, charges, gross profit and how much you'll invoice for the time spent.

Manually adding timesheet entries on Tradify mobile

To add Timesheet entries manually on Tradify web:

  1. In your Job, head to the Time tab.
  2. Within your Time dashboard, select New Timesheet Entry.
  3. Select your Staff Member, Start Time, Finish Time, Billing Rate and if you need, add a note.
  4. Select Done.

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