Understanding Gas Safety Certificates on Tradify Web and Mobile

The Tradify Forms & Certs function now allows you to create, edit, & share forms and certificates from your jobs in Tradify.

At present, the following UK forms & certs are available:

  • Landlord/Homeowner Gas Safety Record
  • Service & Maintenance Record
  • Installation / Commissioning / Decommissioning Record
  • Gas Warning Notice
  • Gas Breakdown Service 
  • Commercial Catering Inspection Record
  • Central Heating Commissioning Certificate
  • Domestic Unvented Hot Water Storage Vessel Commissioning/Inspection Record
  • Domestic Gas Testing & Purging
  • Boiler Record

Note: These forms are only available in the United Kingdom. 

Creating Forms & Certificates

To create forms and certs, first, open the job that you'd like the form/cert to be created from, select the Forms & Certs tab, then click the Create button to choose the relevant form/cert from the drop-down menu.

Note: The forms and certs displayed will be specific to your country & region.


Once you've selected the relevant form/cert, Tradify will load a template for you to fill. By default, Tradify will auto-fill the serial number and date (with today's date). The rest of the fields are free for you to fill.



Editing, Previewing & Printing existing Forms & Certs

You can view and edit your certs at any time within your jobs by navigating back to the Forms & Certs tab and selecting the relevant record.


To preview, print, or delete your form, use the corresponding button on the top right of your screen.




Creating Gas Safety Certificates on Tradify Mobile

To create and edit Gas Safety Certificates on Tradify Mobile:

  1. Head to the Jobs tab.
  2. Select your desired Job.
  3. Select the Forms tab, located in the upper navigation bar.
  4. Select Create Form.
  5. Select the form that you need to create.
  6. Edit the sections as needed. Note that some sections for various forms will have mandatory fields.
  7. Select Save, or select the ... in the upper right corner to either Print or Preview your form.

Note: choosing to preview your form on iOS devices means you can share the form as a .jpg image file. 

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