Using Tradify Jobs To Work With Subcontractors

Learn more about how to work with your subcontractors by using our Job Connect feature.

Job Connect is a feature in Tradify that allows you to add subcontractors as Tradify Connections to a Tradify Job. For more information on Connections, check out Using Tradify Connections To Work With External Users or Using Connections on Tradify Mobile.

This does not change any of the content that is received in the emails sent out to your Staff and now, Connections, assigned to a Job. Staff & Connections will see:

  • Job number
  • Job address
  • Customer details
  • Site details
  • Job description
  • Job tasks


Adding this new Staff & Connections tab to Jobs does now mean the previous Subcontractor field is no longer editable. You will see this in your app:


How to add subcontractors to your Tradify Jobs

To add a subcontractor to your Jobs:

  1. Head to your desired Job.
  2. Scroll down and find the Staff & Connections section.


  3. Select Share Job Details with Connection or add a Connection by selecting the grey icon and entering in your subcontractor's email address.
  4. Select Save.

You should receive confirmation like the below photo.


Appointment reminders for your Connections

You will need to ensure you send a job details email to a subcontractor as they will not receive the details automatically. You can choose who to send the job details to.

For more information on job reminders for Connections, check out Using Tradify Connections To Work With External Users


Do Connections automatically receive job detail emails?

Connections who are assigned to the job automatically because they have had a job appointment scheduled for them will not automatically receive the job details email, users must first select ‘Share Job Details” from the Jobs screen (some basic job details are already shared via the appointment invite).

Do I have to send bulk details to all of my subcontractors on one job?

If there is more than one connection assigned to the job, users can choose which connections they send the job details to

Will a pending connection that has been added through a Job receive and invite?

Connections will not receive ‘Job assigned’ and ‘Job cancelled’ notifications, these are only sent to staff

Can I use do this on web and mobile?

Functionality is available on both mobile and web


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