Using Connections on Tradify Mobile

Learn more about using Tradify Connections on Tradify Mobile. 

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Adding a Connection from the Scheduler on Tradify Mobile

You can either add a Connection from the Connections tab or the Scheduler

To add a Connection from the Scheduler:

  1. Head to your Scheduler.
  2. Select Staff & Connections.
  3. Select Add Staff or Connection.
  4. Select Add Connection.
  5. Enter your Connection's email into the box provided.
  6. Select Add.

Your Connection will remain pending until they have accepted your invitation. Additionally, they'll need to accept the scheduled appointment for the appointment to appear normally in the Scheduler.

Managing your Connections from the the Connections tab

You can manage your Connections from your Connections tab in Tradify Mobile. 

Adding a Connection in the Connections tab

To add a Connection from the Connections tab:

  1. Head to your Connections tab.
  2. Select the blue icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen.
  3. Fill in your new Connection's email address.
  4. Select Send Invitation to Connect.


Deleting a Connection

In Tradify mobile, you can delete an Inactive or Active Connection. To do this:

  1. Select your Connection.
  2. Select Disconnect.
  3. In the prompt, confirm your deletion by selecting Disconnect.







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