How To Add Material Costs to Invoices on Tradify Mobile

Learn more about adding Material Costs to Invoices on Tradify Mobile. 

There are two ways to add Material Costs to your mobile Invoices:

  • You can add a Price List Item.
  • You can add a Miscellaneous Item.

To add any line item to an Invoice, scroll down and select Add Line Item. Your options will appear below.


Adding a Price List Item

To add a Price List Item:

  1. Head to your Invoice.
  2. Select Add Line Item.
  3. Select Price List Item.
  4. Search for or Create a new Price List Item.
    You'll need a name, description and price for this item.
  5. Fill in the fields as necessary.
  6. Select Done


Adding a Miscellaneous Item

To add a Miscellaneous Item:

  1. Head to your Invoice.
  2. Select Add Line Item.
  3. Select Miscellaneous.
  4. Fill in the fields as you'd like. 
    NOTE: You'll need a name, description, buy and sell price for your miscellaneous item. It's also recommended you enter a quantity of items. 
  5. Select Done.


Understanding Mobile Invoice Fields

Check out the Understanding Invoice Fields on Web. 

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