Using Quote Sections on Tradify Mobile

Learn more about Quote Sections on Tradify's mobile app. Check out How To Use Quote Sections on Tradify Web for more information on using the web app. 

Quote Sections help break up parts of a Quote. We suggest this if you're breaking up sections for different stages of work. 

Just like on the web app, Quote Sections only apply for an individual Quote and can only be used within the Quotes feature. You can copy sections into Job Tasks, read more about it here.


Creating Quote Sections on Tradify Mobile 

You can create as many Quote Sections as you'd like. Each Section can have as many Line Items as you want.

Creating Quote Sections are done by:

  • adding a New Line Item
  • selecting an existing Line Item.

Creating a Section from a New Line Item

To add a new line item:

  1. Click on Add Line Item.
  2. Select the relevant line item type (Time, Price List, Miscellaneous, Kit).
  3. Select the Section page. 
  4. Click the + icon on the upper-right corner.
  5. Fill in the Name and Description fields.

  6. Select Done.
  7. Edit the rest of the Line Item as necessary.
  8. Select Done.

The following options will be available to edit:

  • Display Name - Use this field to give your Section a title
  • Description - Use this field to add a description of your Section.
Note: The descrription is customer facing and will show on the PDF version of the Quote.

You'll be taken back to your draft Quote, where you can continue to edit, Save Draft or Approve. For more information on creating Quotes on mobile, check out How To Create Quotes in Tradify Web and Mobile.

Creating a Quote Section from an Existing Line Item

To create a Quote Section from an existing Line Item:

  1. Select a Line Item.
  2. Select the Section page.
  3. Select the button in the upper-right corner.
  4. Fill out the Name and Description fields.
  5. Select Done.
  6. Edit the rest of the Line Item page as necessary.
  7. Select Done. 

After this, just like with creating new Line Items, you'll go back to the draft Quote.


Assigning existing line items to Quote Sections

To add a new section through a line item, you'll need to:

  1. Click on any existing Line Item.
  2. Locate the Section field.
  3. Click the drop-down icon.
  4. Select your preferred section.
  5. Once you've added the section, click OK to finalise your changes.


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