Actioning Mobile Quotes in The Tradify App

Learn about what you can do with Quotes on Tradify's mobile app. 

Note that when you are modifying Approved Quotes, the Tradify system cancels the original quote and makes a copy.

Your new quote will become a Draft. You'll need to re-approve the Quote in order for the quote to be accepted by a customer. You can then link the new version of the quote to a Job. 

Approving Quotes

It's recommended that you approve a quote once you've added all the necessary details to it and are ready to send it to the customer.

To approve a quote:

  1. Open up the relevant quote
    You can do this either from the Dashboard, Quote Dashboard or through Customer Profiles.
  2. Select the Approve button (located in the upper right-hand corner).

Once a quote has been approved, it will move into an approved state and will be located under the Awaiting Acceptance tab within your Dashboard or Quote Dashboard.


Accepting Quotes

It's recommended that you use this option once the customer has formally accepted your quote. If the customer requires amendments on the quote before accepting, please use the Revise function (covered in the following section).

To accept a Quote:

  1. Select a Quote in the Awaiting Acceptance section.
  2. Select Response.
  3. Select Accept.
  4. Confirm you're ready to accept the quote.
  5. Choose whether you'd like a customer signature on the Quote.
    Selecting Yes will take you to a screen where your customer can sign on the screen using either their finger or an electronic writing device.
    Simply select Done when you're happy, or Reset to try again.  Read more about this at Getting Quote Signatures on Tradify Mobile
Important Note: If you haven't already created a Job for your quote, Tradify will raise a prompt once the quote has been accepted. You can either have Tradify create the job for you or leave it as is.

Once the quote has been accepted, the following options will be made available:


Revising  Quotes

Revising a quote creates a copy of the quote and also cancels the original.

It's recommended that you use this function when a customer requires amendments to be made to the original.

To revise a Quote:

  1. Head to either the Quotes Dashboard or the Dashboard, where you will see quotes that are Awaiting Acceptance.
  2. Select a Quote.
  3. Select the ... option in the upper-right corner.
  4. Select Revise Quote.

After using the "revise" function, Tradify will automatically take you to the new quote. Feel free to add your amendments to it now, or save it and apply them at a later date.

Saving your Quote will transform your new Quote into a Draft state, whereas approving it will send it to Awaiting Acceptance.

When revising a Quote, the original can be found in the All tab in the Quotes section with a purple Cancelled label attached.


Declining Quotes

To decline a Quote on Tradify mobile, you'll need to:

  1. Head to your desired Quote. This quote needs to be Awaiting Acceptance.
  2. Select the Response button in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select Decline.
  4. Select Yes in the confirmation pop-up.
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