How To Use Tradify's Free Account

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Learn how to use Tradify Connect's free account feature to work alongside your peers using Tradify.

Tradify Connect's free account allows you access to:

  • Scheduler 
  • Connections
  • Help
  • Settings

You can easily upgrade your Tradify Free Account within the app if you're interested in using the app more. Start a free trial here

How does your free account work?

Accepting a Tradify Connect Appointment 

You'll be sent an email from a Tradify user asking to accept or decline an appointment. When you click through, the first part of Tradify you will see is the Scheduler.

Your Scheduler will show appointments you have either been scheduled for or created yourself. 

Pending appointments that have been scheduled for you will appear as a white box with a coloured border. 

To action an appointment:

  1. Select your appointment.
  2. A modal will appear. You will see the appointment's details, alongside a few options.
  3. Select Accept or Decline.

If you accept the appointment, the box within the scheduler will appear as a fully-coloured modal. If you decline the appointment, the appointment will disappear.

In both cases, the organiser will be notified of your response.

Creating a new appointment

To create a new appointment:

  1. Head to your Scheduler.
  2. Select your preferred date and time. This will create an appointment for you.
  3. Add your connection by selecting the button under Staff and Subcontractors. You can use their email address or they will show up in the drop-down menu. 
  4. Enter any other relevant details to the appointment in the Notes section and select Save.

When you send out an invitation, your Connection will be notified via email.

Your appointments will vary in appearance based on their status:

  • A white box with a coloured border means that an appointment is Pending.
  • A fully-coloured box means that your Connection has accepted the appointment.
  • A red box means that your Connection has declined the appointment.

You can also integrate your Google Calendar to your Tradify Connect account. To read more on how to do this, check out our article on Connecting and Using Google Calendar in Tradify Web

Using Connections on Tradify Connect

You can access the Connections tab in the main navigation bar to the left of your screen. Here, you can: 

  • add connections
  • manage connections
  • disconnect with other users.

To add a Connection:

  1. Head to your Connections tab. 
  2. Select Add a Connection.
  3. Enter in their email address. 
  4. Select Send Invitation to Connect.

The pending connection will receive an email invitation. When your invitation is accepted, you will be connected.

You can see the status of your connections in the Pending Connections or Connections tab within Connections.

Accessing Settings as a Tradify Connect user

You can access some basic settings within Tradify Connect. You can:

  • add a profile picture
  • edit your name and email
  • add your mobile number
  • integrate your Tradify account with Google Calendar. 



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