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Learn more about how to create Jobs, Customers, Quotes, Invoices and action Tradify Enquiries.

To save you time copying enquiry information over to another part of Tradify you can use the blue Enquiry Actions button on the bottom right. 


Copying an Enquiry to a Job, Quote or Invoice 

Before you proceed to your Quote/Job/Invoice, you will be given two options; use an existing customer or create a new customer.

  1. Use an existing customer: Tradify will take the information in the enquiry and look for any existing customers to match it to.
  2. Creating a new customer: Selecting Create new customer takes the information from the enquiry to create a new customer.

Select one of these options and a Quote/Job/Invoice will then be created populated with information from the enquiry such as the description and attachments. Your Enquiry will also move from the To Do section to the Done section within the Enquiries tab.


Scheduling an Appointment from an Enquiry

You will now be taken to the Scheduler with a new appointment partially created. The new appointment’s notes area will be populated with information from the Enquiry. Now all you need to do is select a time, date and a staff member.


Rejecting Enquiries 

Use this action to move the enquiry into the Done tab and to give it a red Rejected badge.

Actioning Enquiries

Use this action to move the enquiry into the Done tab and to give it an orange Actioned badge.

When any of these above actions have been taken, the enquiry will be moved to the Done tab in the Enquiries inbox. This tab also has an Action Taken column in the table showing you which action has been taken against that enquiry.


If you would like to move an enquiry back into the To-Do tab, open it and within Enquiry Actions select Mark as Unactioned.


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