Adding Manual Payments To Invoices On Tradify Web

Learn more on how to add manual payments to Tradify invoices.

This method is recommended for those that aren't integrated with an accounting platform. For those that are, there are some limitations to be aware of before continuing with this process. We also recommend this method for adding payments on behalf of a customer.

Adding Manual Payments to Invoices

  1. Open the invoice.
  2. Scroll down on the invoice and click Add Payment.

  3. Add the necessary details to your payment.

Note: For more information on adding and amending your payment methods, please see here.


Limitations of manual payments

Once an invoice is sent to your accounting system, the Paid Status of the Tradify Invoice cannot be updated. Tradify does not monitor the paid status of the invoice after it is sent to the accounting system.

You can try using Tradify's invoice numbering sequence to track and process payments in Tradify, but it is recommended to handle payment reconciliation in your accounting system due to its comprehensive debt collection and payment allocation processes.

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