How do I Produce an Invoice for a Customer c/o of a Real Estate or Strata Company?

In the example explained in this guide, there are 3 separate parties:

1) The Real Estate Company
2) The location of the job (or contact person at the location)
3) The owner of the location

First, you'll want to set-up a customer record for the Real-Estate company. This is so you can consolidate the work under the one customer record.

You'll also want to add a Site to their record for the property location of where the work is being carried out (or contact person). This will allow you to differentiate where the work is being carried out for each job under the real estate company.

Note: For more details on creating customers and sites, please see here and here.

Next, you'll want to create a second customer profile for the person who you'll be invoicing (care of the real estate company). Essentially, this is solely for invoicing purposes.

As a basic example for this article, we've created them as such:
Real Estate Company = Real Estate Company
Joe Blogs = Site contact (or location)
Land Lord c/o Real Estate Company = property owner who we're invoicing

Once you've done this, create the job under the real-estate company and add the relevant site (location for where the work is being carried out, or contact person at location).


Once you've completed the job, raise an invoice as you normally would. When you do this, the invoice will be under the 'real estate company'.

Whilst the invoice is in a draft state, overwrite the real estate customer with that of the customer you're invoicing. As an example, we've input Land Lord c/o Real Estate Company.


Once this is done, you will see that the invoice is now for a different customer while the job is still recorded as being completed for the real estate company. Below is an example of how the PDF version will look.


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