Using the Enquiries Feature on Tradify's Mobile App

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Platform: Mobile            Plan: Pro | Plus            Staff Permission: Enquiries

Understand how to use the Enquiries feature on Tradify mobile.

How to create an enquiry

To create an enquiry:

  1. Head to your Enquiries tab.
  2. Select the icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Fill in the details as needed.
  4. Select Save.

Note: You will need to set up Tradify Enquiries on Tradify web before you use the feature on mobile.

You will notice we have also built the Enquiries functionality for mobile, allowing you to manage your enquiries on the go and respond to your prospective customers with speed.




Just like you can on Tradify web, you will see the enquiries appear straight away at which point you can take whatever action necessary whether it be turning it into a quote or making a site visit.

We’ve also added some quick actions in the Enquiry detail view to help you complete actions from your mobile such as calling the customer or navigating to the enquiry address.




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