How To View and Print Tradify Invoices As PDFs

Learn more on how to make your Tradify Invoices PDFs. You can do this individually or create PDF files for multiple invoices at once.

Important Note: The layout of your invoice is determined by your document theme settings. To learn more about your invoice document theme settings, have a look here.


Printing individual invoice PDFs 

To view or print a PDF version of your invoice:

  1. Head to your Invoice Dashboard.
  2. Select your Invoice.
  3. Select the Print icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Select Download in the green pop-up box.

You will be asked if you'd like to mark the invoices as sent following this action. If you have, select Yes and the invoice's status will be changed. 

If you'd like to see if your customers have viewed the email, try sending the invoice as a tracked document. You can learn more in How to Email Invoices on Tradify Web.

Printing invoice PDFs in bulk

If you'd like to bulk view or bulk print your invoices:

  1. Head to the Invoice Dashboard.
  2. Search and highlight the invoices you want to create PDFs for.
  3. Select the Print icon.
  4. Select Download in the green pop-up box.


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