Using Tasks to Separate Costs on a Job

Learn more on how you can use Tasks to separate costs on a Tradify Job.

One of the benefits of Job Tasks is the ability to separate your costs into different segments on your Jobs. This means you can create tasks for separate stages of work and then assign your costs to those relevant stages. This also means you can invoice each stage separately on a job.

In this article, we're going to cover off the standard way to create tasks and how they can be used to separate your costs and invoiced accordingly.


Adding new Tasks to a Job

To add a new task, open the relevant job, scroll down to Tasks and then click "New Task".

Note: You can also copy tasks from a quote. For more information on this method, please see here.


Note: During the creation of the task, the following fields will be available to edit.

Name - Use this field to give your task a title.

Description - Use to enter a description of the work to be done in relation to this task.

Staff - Select the staff assigned to perform this task.

Note: This can be done automatically when scheduling an appointment where the task is allocated to it. The same staff members assigned to the appointment will be assigned to the task.

Due Date - Select a date in the Due Date field that indicates when the task must be completed by.

Note: This field is optional.

Estimated - Enter an estimated value of work for this task. This value is used on-screen in comparison with the actual costs allocated to the task, to keep track of the task profitability.

Note: This field is optional.


Allocating Material Costs and Labour to Tasks

Once you've created your relevant tasks, your next steps will be to assign your material costs and labour components to them. Let's start with material costs.

First, head over to the Cost tab within the job. Next, locate the line item you want to allocate to your task and then select the Task field. From here you'll be able to choose the relevant task from a drop-down menu.

Note: You can also assign the Task when adding the line item to the Job. To do so, just select the "Task" field.


Adding Labour is essentially the same. To do so, head over to the Time tab within the job. Next, locate and select the timesheet entry, and then select the Task field to choose and assign the relevant task.

Note: You can also assign the Task when adding the timesheet entry to the job. To do so, just select the "Task" field.



Invoicing Tasks Separately on a Job 

As mentioned above, your task(s) can also be invoiced separately if required. To do so, head over to the Invoice tab (within the relevant job). From here, select "New Invoice" > "Time & Materials From Job" > then highlight the relevant task(s) that you wish to invoice for, followed by "Create draft invoice".


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