Create Service Reminders or Annual Jobs in Tradify

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Platform: Web            Plan: Plus            Staff Permission: Dispatch & Scheduling

If you're using Tradify, you can take advantage of the Recurring Jobs function to create Service Reminders for your customers. This feature helps you stay organised and ensures timely communication with your clients. Here's how you can set it upx:


  1. Setting up a Yearly Recurring Job: If you need to create a job that repeats annually, you can achieve this by using the Monthly Frequency option. Simply set the value to 12 (or more) months. If necessary, you can extend this interval to 24 or 36 months, depending on your specific requirements.

  2. Using Appointment Reminders: Once you've created the recurring job, Tradify provides an appointment reminders feature that allows you to notify your customers about upcoming appointments. With text message reminders, help to ensure that your customers are well informed and prepared for their appointments.

  3. Exploring SMS Text Reminder Feature: If you're interested in learning more about Tradify's SMS reminders, we have a comprehensive guide called Understanding Tradify's SMS Text Reminder Feature

By leveraging Tradify's Recurring Jobs function and appointment reminders feature, you can streamline your service reminders and maintain effective communication with your customers. Stay organised, minimise missed appointments, and enhance customer satisfaction with these powerful tools.

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