Sharing Job Details With Subcontractors

Sharing Job Details With Subcontractors

To start, you will need to create a job with a customer selected. Scrolling down to Job Details page, you will see the new area Subcontractors to the right of Staff. This is where you can add your subcontractors email addresses. Start typing an email address and hit enter on the keyboard, or hit the grey + button to the right of the field to add the subcontractors email address. Once it is added, you will see the email appear below the field as a green tag.

You can enter up to ten email addresses. You can also remove any email addresses added by clicking on the X on the green email tag.

Once you have added a subcontractor’s email address you can hit Share Job Details to send the details via email along with a confirmation message.


The email sent to your subcontractors will contain the following job details:

  • Job number
  • Job address
  • Customer details
  • Site details
  • Job description
  • Job tasks


The subcontractors email addresses will be saved after hitting Share Job Details or Save the job, allowing you to update subcontractors of any new job details at a later date. These subcontractors will also be available when scheduling an appointment for that job on the scheduler screen.

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