How do I Ensure my Browser is up to Date?

Ensuring you are running the latest version of your browser means you will have the most secure, stable and snappy experience when using Tradify and viewing other websites.

Most browsers will update themselves, although they might require you to restart in order for the latest version to launch. You can check your browser's version, confirm you are running the latest, and force any necessary updates with the following instructions.

Updating Your Browser - Instructions

Google Chrome

  1. MacOS - Navigate to the Chrome > About Google Chrome
  2. Windows - Navigate to the Options (3 dots icon) > About Google Chrome


  1. MacOS - Launch the 'Software Update' Application


  1. MacOS - Navigate to the FireFox > About FireFox
  2. Windows - Navigate to the Options (3 lines icon) > Help > About FireFox

Microsoft Edge

  1. Navigate to Windows Start Menu > SettingsUpdates & SecurityWindows Update > Check For Updates.

Internet Explorer

If you can, we would recommend switching to Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

  1. Navigate to the Tools > About Internet Explorer
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