Creating New Job Appointments with Subcontractors

If you're after a way to notify external subcontractors of work they've been assigned to in Tradify, then look no further. In this article, we'll show you how to schedule job appointments for your subcontractors via the Tradify scheduler.

Once they've been scheduled, subcontractors will be emailed the related details of the job. In the event that you needed to update or delete the appointment, an additional email will be sent to subcontractor advising them of the change. More info on this process can be found here.

Note: You will need to have a staff member assigned to the job in order to add subcontractors. If you are an administrator and wish to only add subcontractors, simply assign yourself as a staff member.


Creating new job appointments with subcontractors

To start, you will need to schedule an appointment and select a Job. Once you start creating the new appointment, you will see the ‘Email Subcontractors’ field. Within this field, enter in your subcontractor(s) email address.

Note: To add an address, hit enter on the keyboard, or, hit the + icon. If you'd like to remove an address, click the X icon on the green email tag.

Important Note: You can enter up to 10 email addresses on each appointment. 


Once you've added all the necessary details to your appointment, click the Save button to finalise. Once you've saved, an email will be sent to the relevant email address(es).

The email will include the following:

  • The appointment start time, end time, and date
  • The job address
  • The customer name
  • Any appointment notes
  • The job number
  • Any job tasks

The email will also include a "Confirm Acceptance" button (as shown below). When your subcontractors hit this, it will allow them to reply to you with an email confirming their acceptance of the appointment.


Note: If you would like to test this email, you can easily send it to yourself by entering your email address in the subcontractors field.

Following this, if you navigate to the job you have used, you will see the subcontractor email addresses have also been added to the job in the Subcontractors box.

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