How To Attach Files to An Invoice in Tradify

Learn more about attaching files to an Invoice created in Tradify.

Whether you're in a Job, Invoice, Quote, Purchase Order, or Bill, Tradify has the ability to upload files and photos to all the above.

Note: This article specifically covers off the process for attaching a file to an invoice.

Attaching Files to Invoices

To attach a file to an invoice, open the relevant invoice and scroll down to the Notes section, then select "New Note". Enter the Note text (as required) and then use the "Attach File" function to add the file, or feel free to drag and drop the file into the field provided. Once the file has been added, click "Ok" and then "Save" your invoice to finalise your changes.

Note: We recommend entering a description of the attachment for easy identification, since the file name might not allow for enough information.

Note: The attached file can be virtually any file type, i.e. Word Document, PDF, Excel Spreadsheet, Photo or Image (JPEG, GIF, TIF, PNG) etc. However. the attachment will require an appropriate app to view it on a Mobile device, therefore it is advisable to convert Word and Excel (or non-image files) into a PDF before uploading them. More than one file can be attached at a time and each file must not exceed 25MB in size. Please note that file uploads on a Mobile device are limited to 25MB.
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