Creating Invoices from Templates on Tradify Web

Learn more about how to create invoices from invoice templates in Tradify. You can do this in two ways — either from the Invoice Dashboard or a Customer Profile.  

Creating Invoices from Templates from the Invoice Dashboard

To create an invoice from a template:

  1. Head to the Invoice Dashboard
  2. Select New Invoice.
  3. Select your customer.
  4. Head to the From Template tab.
  5. Select your template. 
  6. Select Create Draft Invoice.

Note: If you'd like Tradify to pull through the latest pricing from your price list items and billing rates, please select Update template with latest price list items and billing rates.


Creating Invoices from templates using a Customer Profile

To create an invoice from a template using a customer profile:

  1. Go to the Customer Dashboard.
  2. Go to a Customer Profile.
  3. Go to the Invoices tab.
  4. Select New Invoice.
  5. Select From Template.
  6. Select your template.
  7. Select Create draft invoice.
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