Invoicing by a Job Cut-Off Date

Learn how to invoice by a job's cut-off date in Tradify. This method is particularly useful if you're needing to invoice for work carried out on a Job up until a specific date.


Cost Incurred Date Overview

In Tradify, material entries all include a Cost Incurred Date which represents the date at which the cost was entered.

Note: This only relates to material line items. For Time/Labour, Tradify assumes the date and time entered on the Timesheet Entry as the date and time stamp.

To add or amend a cost incurred date, just open the relevant Job and head over to Costs > then select the line item you wish to add or amend the date on.



Invoicing by a Job Cut-Off Date

Note: When producing a Time & Materials invoice, you have the option of entering a cut-off date. In this event, Tradify will pull through any line items that have a cost incurred date that is set prior (or equal) to the cut-off date.

  1. Head to the Invoice Dashboard.
  2. Select New Invoice.
  3. Select Time & Materials from Job.
  4. Enable Use cut-off date and enter the cut-off date.
  5. Select Create draft invoice.
  6. Edit your invoice as you see fit.
  7. Save the invoice as a draft or Approve it.

Note: Tradify will now pre-populate the following fields on the invoice based on the information supplied on the Job.

  • Customer
  • Site
  • Pricing Level
  • Reference
  • Document Theme
  • Description
  • Invoice Date
  • Due Date - based off your customer settings.
Note: Tradify will also pull through any line items that have a cost incurred date that is set prior to the cut-off date.


Note: To see which items have been invoiced and which haven't, head back to the Cost section of the job and look at the markers on the left-hand side of the item. If the marker is green, it means the items have been invoiced. If the marker is red, it means the item has yet to be invoiced. 

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