Adding Time/Labour to Invoices

Understand how to add Time/Labour to Invoices on Tradify's web app. Adding time shows your customers your time costs incurred on work.


How to Add Time/Labour to Invoices on Tradify Web

To add labour to your Draft Invoice:

  1. Select the Add Line Item button.
  2. Select the Time tab.
  3. Within the fields provided, enter all of the required information.
  4. Select Save.
Note: Below is a comprehensive list of what each field represents.



Understanding Invoicing Fields

Billing Rate – The hourly rate at which the time is to be charged out. You can find out more about billing rates here.

Description – A description of the Time/Labour. This defaults to the billing rate’s display name, however, you can overwrite this and enter details of what the labour covered for this specific instance.

Note: Descriptions are limited to 200 characters.

Quantity – The number of hours to charge for this Time/Labour component.

Unit Price – The hourly rate to charge the customer for this Time/Labour component. This defaults to the Billing Rate's hourly charge out rate.

Discount % - Use this field to provide a percentage discount to this Time/Labour component.

AmountTradify will automatically calculate the amount total for you as well. This is based on your quantity multiplied by your unit sell price.

Tax Rate - Select the tax rate that applies to this time/labour component. If left blank, Tradify will assign the default tax rate. For more details on tax rates, please see here.

Account – Assign to an account code that applies to this Price List Item.

Note: If you're not integrated with an accounting system, please leave blank.
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