Adding Material Costs to Invoices on Tradify Web

Understand the types of material costs and how you can add these to your Tradify Invoices.

Tradify provides the ability to log two types of material costs against an Invoice.

The first and most commonly used are Price List Items. These are items that have already been entered into your system with set preferences. You can find out more about Price List Items here.

The alternative to Price List Items is Miscellaneous Costs. These items are stand-alone and are best used in one-off scenarios.


Adding Price List Items to Invoices

To add Price List Items to your Invoices, select the "Add Line Item" button (within the relevant invoice) and then select "Price List Item". Use the Item Code field to search for your relevant Item. When using the search function, you can either search by the item code or item description.


Edited fields are specific to this instance and will not update the default Price List Item.


Adding Miscellaneous Items to Invoices

To add a Miscellaneous Item to your Invoice:

  1. Head to your Invoice.
  2. Select Add Line Item.
  3. select Miscellaneous Cost



Understanding Invoice Fields

The fields listed below will be available to edit when adding the Miscellaneous Cost.

  • Description – Can be amended to include information specific to the Invoice.
    Note: Descriptions are limited to 200 characters.

  • Quantity - Use the quantity field to increase or decrease the quantity of the item.
  • Unit Price - Use this field to change the buy/cost price of the item.
  • Discount % - Use this field to provide a percentage discount to this line item.
  • Amount Tradify will automatically calculate the amount total for you as well. This is based off your quantity multiplied by your unit price.
  • Tax Rate - Select the tax rate that applies to this line item. If left blank, Tradify will assign the default tax rate.
    For more details on tax rates, please see here.

  • Account – Assign to an account code that applies to this Miscellaneous item. 
    Note: If you're not integrated with an accounting system, please leave blank. 
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