Creating a Miscellaneous Invoice

There are several ways to create invoices in Tradify. This article covers Miscellaneous Invoices, which are essentially invoices that aren't associated with (or based on) any type of Job or Quote. Essentially, they're stand-alone invoices, best used in one-off scenarios.

In terms of "best practice" for creating a miscellaneous invoice, although there is no 'overall' recommended way, we have listed each method by order of most commonly used. 

Please note that this article includes instructions from our updated workflow, which is being rolled out to our customer base. If you're still using our traditional workflow, please skip to this section. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Using Tradify's updated workflow to create a miscellaneous invoice

Creating a miscellaneous invoice using the new workflow is now more streamlined and efficient. To initiate the process, you can:

  1. Click the New Invoice button on the Invoices list screen, OR
  2. Choose the New Invoice option from the Options dropdown menu on the Invoice details screen, OR

  3. Select the New Invoice option from the Add button menu on the Dashboard.

By following any of these three steps, you'll be directed to the Invoice details screen with a draft miscellaneous invoice already in place.

From there, you can directly import time and materials from a job, copy details from a quote, or apply an invoice template to the draft. Simply fill in the required information such as customer details, line items, and tax rates.

Once you're satisfied with the invoice details, click Save or Approve to finalize your miscellaneous invoice. 

Creating Invoices from the Invoice Dashboard

To create an Invoice from the Invoice Dashboard:

  1. Head over to Invoices
  2. Select New Invoice.
  3. Enter the Customer's name.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Next, select the Miscellaneous tab from the heading menu.
  6. Select Create draft invoice.


Note: If this Invoice is for a new customer, click the '+' icon to create the customer from scratch. You can find out more about entering a new customer here.




Understanding Invoice Fields

Tradify now generates a draft Invoice for you. Below is a breakdown of what each field means:

  • Customer Enter the customer this invoice is for. This field cannot be left blank.
    Note: If this Invoice is for a new customer, click the + icon to create the customer from scratch. You can find out more about entering a new customer here.
  • Site- Use this if your customer has separate physical locations and you wish to record which customer location this Invoice is at. For more information on setting up and configuring sites, please see here.
  • Pricing Level- Use this field to determine which pricing set to charge on this Job. For more information on setting up and configuring Pricing Levels, please see here.
  • Invoice Date – The date at which the invoice is entered. This defaults to today's date.
  • Due Date - The date at which the invoice is due for payment. This defaults to today's date.
  • Reference – A customer reference or order number.
  • Document Theme - This represents the invoice layout theme to use when printing or emailing this invoice to a customer. You can find out more about Document Themes here.
  • Description – Use this field to enter a description of what the invoice is for.
  • Notes - Use this section to add notes and/or files to your invoice. For more information on attaching files, please see here.
    Note: Notes are for internal purposes only and are not customer-facing. 
  • For details on adding labour and/or material costs to your invoice, please visit the corresponding links below.

Once you've added all the necessary details to your invoice, you can select either Save Draft or Approve.

Once an invoice has been approved it cannot be altered. If you’re not ready to approve the invoice just yet, click on Save as Draft. This will save the invoice in the invoices list under the Draft tab.


Creating Miscellaneous Invoices from the Customer Profile

To create a miscellaneous Invoice from the Customer Profile:

  1. Head over to Customers.
  2. Select the relevant customer
  3. Click the Invoice tab.
  4. Select New Invoice.
  5. Click the Miscellaneous tab
  6. Select Create Draft Invoice.


Creating Miscellaneous Invoices from the Dashboard

To create an invoice from the Dashboard:

  1. Head over to Dashboard.
  2. Select the + icon.
  3. Click on Invoice
  4. Enter in the customer name
  5. Click the Miscellaneous tab.
  6. Select Create Draft Invoice.


Creating Other Types of Invoices

Check out Adding Time/Labour to Invoices if you're interested in making an Invoice that covers off time and labour done against work.

If you'd like to create an Invoice that bills against materials, check out Adding Material Costs to Invoices.



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