Copying a Quote to a Purchase Order

Once a Quote has been accepted in Tradify. You'll have the ability to automatically turn your quote into a Purchase Order.


Copy Quote to Purchase Order

Within the accepted Quote, navigate to the bottom right-hand corner and select "Copy Quote to Purchase Order". Tradify will then ask you to enter the relevant supplier name and select the relevant items to be copied over to the Purchase Order. To select the items, use the checkboxes located on the left-hand side of each item.

Important Note: If you have products from multiple suppliers in your Quote, it's recommended that you create a separate Purchase Order for each supplier. You can acheive this by following the above process again.

Once you've entered a supplier name and highlighted all your items, click "Ok" to create your Purchase Order.



Understand how to copy a Quote to a Purchase Order on Tradify's mobile app. Copying a Quote makes it easier to keep track of what materials you'll order for a job.

Copying a Quote to a Purchase Order on Tradify Mobile

  1. Head to your desired Quote.
  2. Select the ... button in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select Copy to Purchase Order.
  4. Select your Supplier.
  5. Choose whether to copy the Quote Description to your Purchase Order
  6. Select your materials.
  7. Select Done
  8. Fill out your Purchase Order as needed.
  9. Select either Approve or Save Draft.
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