Adding Time/Labour to Tradify Quotes on Tradify Web

Learn more about how you can add time and labour as Line Items to your Quotes on Tradify's Web app.


Adding Labour to Your Quotes

To add labour to your Quote:

  1. Select the "Time” button from the line item button row(within the relevant quote).
  2. Within the fields provided, enter all of the required information.
  3. Select "Save".


Understanding What Each Field Means


  1. Billing Rate – The hourly rate at which the time is to be charged out at. This is a dropdown field where you can select your different Billing Rates. You can find out more about billing rates here
  2. Description – A description of the Time/Labour. This defaults to the billing rate’s display name, however, you can enter details of what the labour will cover.

Note: Descriptions are limited to 200 characters.

  1. Quantity – The number of hours to charge for this Time/Labour component.
  2. Unit Cost – The cost per hour to use for this Time/Labour component. This defaults to the billing rate "hourly cost" which is used purely for estimating since it is unknown at the time of Quoting which field worker will be carrying out the work.

Note: The actual labour cost will come from the Staff Member/User who records their time on the Job.

  1. Unit Sell Price – The hourly rate to charge the customer for this Time/Labour component. This defaults to the Billing Rate's hourly charge out rate.
  2. Discount % - Use this field to provide a percentage discount to this Time/Labour component.
  3. Gross Profit - Tradify will automatically calculate the gross profit for you. If you have tax associated to the time component, this will be included in gross profit amount.
  4. Amount - Tradify will automatically calculate the amount total for you as well. This is based off your quantity multiplied by your unit sell price.

Tax Rate - Select the tax rate that applies to this time/labour component. If left blank, Tradify will assign the default tax rate. For more details on tax rates, please see here.


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