How To Create a Quote in Tradify Web

Learn more about the various ways of creating Quotes in both Tradify Web and Mobile.

At Tradify, we've made it flexible to suit a variety of workflows. When creating Quotes, you can use the following five ways:

  1. Creating a Quote from the Quotes Dashboard.
  2. Creating a Quote from a Job.
  3. Creating a Quote from the Dashboard.
  4. Creating a Quote within a Customer Profile
  5. Creating a Quote from an Enquiry.

Creating Quotes from the Quote Dashboard

To create a quote in Tradify, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Tradify account and navigate to the Quotes section.
  2. Click the New Quote button to start a new quote.
  3. Enter the details of your quote, including the customer's name and contact information, the services you'll be providing, and the pricing for each service. If you have any additional notes or terms and conditions for the quote, you can add them in the designated fields.
  4. Preview your quote in the Preview tab, ensuring you are using the right document theme. For more information, check out Managing Multiple Document Themes in Tradify.
  5. If you'd like to add options to your quote, simply add a section through a line item and edit the section to be optional. Learn more about Quote options in How To Create a Quote With Options in Tradify Web.
  6. When you're happy, select either Save & ContinueSave & Exit or Approve

That's it! Once you've saved your quote, you can send it to your customer for review and approval.

Important Note: Once you've created the quote, Tradify will ask if you'd like to create a job based on the details of the quote. If you select Yes, Tradify will automatically take you to the Job.

Understanding What Each Field Means

  • Customer: Don't forget to enter the customer the quote is for. This field is essential. Search for an existing customer by typing in the customer field. If it's for a new customer, just click the '+' icon to create a new customer profile.

    Note: Learn more about entering a new customer here.

  • Site: If your customer has multiple locations, use this field to record the specific site for the quote. For information on setting up and configuring sites, see here.

  • Pricing Level: Choose the appropriate pricing set for the quote. For information on setting up and configuring Pricing Levels, see here.

  • Quote Date: This is the date of the quote, and it defaults to today.

  • Due Date: Set the quote expiry date.

    Note: It defaults to today's date plus the number of days specified in your Default Expiry Days setting. Learn more about quote Settings here.

  • Reference: Include a customer reference or order number if available.

  • Document Theme: Pick the quote layout theme to use when printing or emailing the quote. Learn more about Document Themes here.

  • Description: Provide a brief description of the purpose of the quote or the work to be done.

  • Notes: Feel free to add any notes or files to the quote. For information on attaching files, see here.

Other ways to create a quote

Creating quotes in Tradify can be done from various locations other than the quote dashboard. 

Firstly, you can create quotes from a job. To do this, navigate to the Jobs page, select the relevant job and open the job details. Click on the Create Quote button and complete the quote creation form. Preview the quote for accuracy, and once you're satisfied, select Save & ContinueSave & Exit or Approve. 

Another method is to create quotes directly from the dashboard. Simply select the '+' icon and choose New Quote to start creating a quote from this location.

You can also create quotes from within a customer profile. To accomplish this, go to Customers, select the relevant customer, navigate to the Quotes tab, and click on New Quote. This allows you to create a quote tailored to the selected customer's needs.

Lastly, creating a quote from an enquiry is another efficient way to generate quotes. To do this, navigate to the Enquiries page, select the desired enquiry and open its details. Click on the Create Quote button, complete the quote and save or approve the quote.

These alternative methods offer flexibility and efficiency when creating quotes in Tradify, ensuring you can easily generate quotes from different sections within the platform.

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