Using Document Themes For Invoices

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Learn more about creating Document Themes for Tradify Invoices. 

Document Theme settings are made up of five tabs:

  • Document Theme
  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Job Service Reports

Using Document Themes for Invoices

The Invoices tab of the Document Theme gives you the ability to set up and configure Invoice specific options for your theme display.

To add new content or make changes to this section, click on the Invoice tab within your theme.


Use the corresponding fields to configure your invoice specifications.

Note: Below this screenshot is a list detailing the purpose of each field & option.


Invoice Title – Customer facing title for an Approved Invoice.

Note: By default, this is set to TAX INVOICE.

Draft Invoice Title - Customer facing title for a Draft Invoice.

Note: By default, this is set to DRAFT INVOICE.

Terms & Payment Information – Use this field to enter your terms of trade, payment details or any text that you want to appear at the bottom of your Invoices.

Note: We recommend at the very least to input standard payment terms & company bank account details.

Field Display Options - Select which fields you wish to display on your customer-facing invoice.

Important Note: If you'd like to preview changes made to your invoice display options, click Preview PDF.

The Field Display Options are:

    • Show site – displays the customer's Site name field on printed Invoice headers.
    • Show job number - displays the Job Number field on printed Invoice headers.
    • Show job address - displays the Job Address on printed Invoice headers.
    • Show reference - displays the Reference field on printed Invoice headers.
    • Show description – displays the Invoice Description field on printed invoices.
      Note: The Invoice Description is copied from the job description when invoicing a Job.  You also have the option to set where the Invoice Description is displayed, (above or below the Invoice Line details).
    • Show line items - displays the Invoice Line Items on printed invoices.
      Note: If the line items are deselected then the Quantity, Unit Price, Discount and Amount fields do not display, regardless of their individual settings.
    • Show quantity - displays the Quantity column on printed invoices.
    • Show unit price – displays the Unit Price column on printed invoices.
    • Show discount – displays the Discount column on printed invoices.
    • Show amount - displays the Amount column, (total of the Line Quantity X Unit Price) on printed invoices.
    • Show payment advice cut-away – displays a Payment Advice Cut-Away section on the footer of the last page of printed invoices. This is used by customers when they wish to send a payment advice with their cheques in the post.
      Note:  If your customers do not pay you with cheques, then this section is not needed and should be suppressed.

Changing your default Document Theme for Invoices

Document Themes for Invoices attach to Tradify Customers. This means that changing the default theme in the Settings section doesn't change the default theme for new invoices created for existing customers. 

However, for new Customers and Jobs, the new theme will automatically apply to Invoices.

You can bulk export and re-import customers so that the theme automatically applies across all new Tradify Invoices. To do so:

  1. Head to Customers.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Select Export Customers to File.
  4. In the Options drop-down menu, select Import Customers from File.
  5. Select the exported spreadsheet you just downloaded from Tradify.
  6. Ensure your .CSV file is correctly formatted.
  7. Select Start Matching.
  8. When you're ready, select Save to add these customers back into your Tradify system.


Your options drop-down menu in Tradify's Customer Section.

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