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Document Themes are primarily used to set up different Invoice, Quote and Purchase Order layouts, and they also define what is shown to customers when a document is printed or downloaded from an email.

You can create as many Document Themes as you require, which can then be selected and applied to each document or against a customer. Each Document Theme can have its own unique contact details and logo.

If you had various trading entities under one holding company or legal entity, you could, in theory, create a Document Theme to use for each.

In addition, each Document Theme allows you to configure the page size, document titles, document footer text and field print options for Invoices, Quotes and Purchase Orders.

Where you can use Document Themes

Read about how you can use Document Themes for:

  1. Invoices 
  3. Purchase Orders 
  4. Job Service Reports 

Creating a new Document Theme

To create or edit an existing Document Theme, head over to Settings, click on Document Themes and then select "New Document Theme".

Note: Tradify will create a default theme for your account upon signup. The name of this theme is called "Standard". Feel free to edit and alter this theme to your specification.



Note: Document Themes are made up of five tabs. For the purpose of this guide, we're going to focus on the Document Theme tab, but to view our guides on the other sections, simply use the links below.

Invoices – This article covers off the Invoice tab configuration.

Quotes – This article covers off the Quotes tab configuration.

Purchase Orders - This article covers off the Purchase Order tab configuration.

Job Service Reports - This article covers off the Job Service Report tab configuration.


Looking at document themes

Within the Document Theme section, the following fields will be available to edit:


If you can't see these options, check out Upgrading Your Document Themes in Tradify for more information.

Theme Name - The display name of the Document Theme that appears in Tradify.

Note: Theme Names are not visible to your customers.

Theme Colour — we offer a variety of colours so that you can brand your documents. Simply select the button beside the default colours and you can choose a colour that suits. 

Contact Details – Your company contact details.

Note: Contact Details appear in the top right hand side of Invoices, Quotes & Purchases Orders (below the Logo or Company Name Header). Also note, each line within the text box is limited to 32 characters.

Logo - Use to add a logo to display at the top of your document. To add a letterhead logo to your document theme, click the "Choose Logo" button. If this is left blank, the company name will be printed instead.

Note: Tradify will open your device search directory to find the image. Simply point Tradify to a .jpg or .png file type on your computer and double-click it.

The recommended size for your image is 2040 x 360 pixels, as this is the highest resolution we support and uses the full letterhead area.

Alignment - If your supplied image does not fill the full width of the page then you can choose to align it to the Left, Center, or Right side of the document.

Note: Logos can only be displayed at the top of your document.

Editing how your line items are displayed

You can choose to show as much or as little information as you like with line items. When editing your Document Themes, in each type of document, you will see a section where you can display or hide the following elements of line items:

  • Showing line items
  • The quantity
  • The unit price
  • Discounts
  • The tax amount
  • The total amount (of the line item(s))



Deleting a Document Theme

To delete a Document Theme, head over to Settings, click on Document Themes and then select X icon on the right-hand side of the theme you wish to delete.

Note: Document Themes cannot be deleted if they've been used on a Quote, Job, Invoice, assigned to a customer, or, set as the default theme for your account. Due to this, it's recommended to use the "archive" function (covered in the following section). 



Archiving a Document Theme

Archiving a Document Theme will subsequently remove it from being used or seen throughout Tradify. You will still have visibility of it within your Document Theme Settings and also within historical records, but it won't show as an option anywhere else.

To archive a Document Theme, head over to Settings, click on Document Themes, select the Document Theme in question and then scroll to the bottom and select "Archive this Document Theme". To finalise your changes, click the Save button.


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  • As an electrician it would be helpful to be able to add the NICEIC logo as well as my own to the invoices and quotes etc..


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