How To Edit Your Company Information on Tradify Web

Setting up your company information is covered during the initial creation of your account, but if you'd like to make amendments after the fact, you can do so by going to Settings > Company.

Setting up company information in Tradify


Within this page, the following fields are available to edit: 

Company Name - Use this field to input your company name. Tradify will use this as the default company name for your customer-facing documents.

GST/ABN/VAT Number - Your company registered tax number.

Note: The naming of this field is different for each region.

Currency - Use this field to add your system currency.

Note: Only one currency can be applied to Tradify at any one time.

System Time Zone - Select the regional time zone for the system. 

Note: Only one Timezone can be applied to Tradify at any one time. 

Delivery Address - Use this field to add a default delivery address for your company. This will become an option you can select in Purchase Orders. 



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