How To Create a Job in Tradify Web

There are several ways to create new Jobs in Tradify. Learn more about how you can create linked jobs or 

Creating Jobs from the Job Dashboard

The most recommended and common way on the web-platform is via the Job Dashboard. To get there, select Jobs > New Job.


Note: Once you're in the Job screen, the following fields will be available to edit.
  • Customer – Use this field to add the relevant Customer to your Job.
Note: If this Job is for a new customer, click the '+' icon to create the customer from scratch. You can find out more in our Creating Customers article.
  • Site - Use this if your customer has separate physical locations and you wish to record which customer location this Job is at. For more information on setting up and configuring sites, please see here.
  • Reference – Use this field to input a reference on the Job.
  • Pricing Level - Use to determine which pricing set to charge on this Job. For more information on setting up and configuring Pricing Levels, please see here.
  • Job Category #1 and #2 – A way of categorising your jobs in a meaningful way. The default categories are job priorities and job work types, you can use these or define your own custom categories. You can find out more about Job categories here.
  • Job Address – The physical address of the Job. Search for the address by typing in the job address field. Once the address has been located, a green tick will appear on the right-hand side. This indicates Tradify's ability to display this job on the map.
  • Job Description – Use to input a description of the work to be done.
  • Job Contact, Phone and Mobile – The contact details of the person who has requested the work.
  • Site Contact, Phone and Mobile – The contact details of the person located on site.
  • Custom #1 – #4 – Use Custom fields to add information specific to your business that you wish to record on the job. For more information on setting up and configuring Custom fields, take a look at our Job Settings article. 
  • Assign Staff – Use this button to select staff to assign the Job to.

Creating Jobs from a Quote

When you accept and approve a quote, you will receive this message, prompting you to create a Job.


However, if you do not confirm this or you are going into a Quote after it has been accepted, you can still create a Job from this quote. 

To create a Job from a Quote:

  1. Head to an Accepted Quote.
  2. In the upper-right corner, select the drop-down menu. 
  3. Select Create Job


Now, you'll have a Job created. 

Creating Jobs from the Scheduler

To create a new Job from within the Scheduler, head over to the Scheduler > click the + icon > followed by icon (within the Job field).


Creating Jobs from the Dashboard

To create a Job from your company Dashboard, head over to Dashboard > select the + icon > followed by New Job.

Creating Jobs from the Customer Profile

You can also create Jobs directly from the customer profile. To do so, click on Customers > select the relevant customer > click on the Jobs tab > then select New Job.

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