Create a Service Reminder from a Job

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Platform: Web            Plan: Plus            Staff Permission: Dispatch & Scheduling

To create a new Service Reminder in Tradify from a Job: 

  1. Open the job you wish to create the reminder for
  2. Select New Service Reminder from the Options menu
  3. Select the date of the service (Defaults to 1 year from today)
  4. Enter a description of the service
  5. Check the Customer and/or the Site contact you wish to receive an automated email reminder
    If you do not wish to send out an automated reminder, uncheck both the Customer and Site contacts
  6. Change the Email Template if you wish to use a different template than the one selected
  7. Select Save

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  • Hello, this is great and something we would be interested in using. May I ask if this is a service reminder for a customer to receive or something for us in house to have. Thanks.

  • I think is a great idea to create a service reminder, especially when we are creating invoices or have the option to make the service reminder once the invoice is created.

  • Hi Enrique - Thanks for the feedback, I'll let the product team know this idea! 


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