Marking invoices as paid when integrated with QuickBooks or Sage

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Tradify’s integration with QuickBooks and Sage offers streamlined invoicing, but it operates as a one-way sync. In most cases, once an invoice is approved in Tradify and sent to the accounting platform, it becomes locked, preventing further edits or marking it as paid within Tradify. However, there’s a workaround for those who want to record their invoices as paid in Tradify and have this reflected in QuickBooks/Sage.


Using Tradify’s Invoice Number Sequence

To record an invoice is paid in Tradify, you can switch to Tradify’s invoice numbering sequence instead of QuickBooks or Sage’s. This prevents invoices from automatically sending to the accounting platform and becoming locked when approved in Tradify, allowing you to:

1. Approve the invoice in Tradify.
2. Send it to the customer.
3. Mark it as paid in Tradify.
4. Manually send it to QuickBooks or Sage.

Doing this will have the payment status of the invoice recorded in both Tradify and your accounting package.


Switching to Tradify’s Invoice Numbering Sequence
To make this switch, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings > Integrations inside your Tradify account.
3. Disable the “Use QuickBooks/Sage invoice numbering sequence” toggle.

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