How to add staff member's lunch, break, annual leave or sick leave to Timesheets



If you need field workers to record all their time worked each day, regardless of whether it was billable or not, Tradify allows for this through non-billable timesheet entries.


  1. Navigate to Timesheets
  2. Select the Staff Member icon (that you wish to enter the timesheet entry for)
  3. Click the + icon to create the entry
  4. Enter all the relevant details for the timesheet but make sure you leave the Job field blank.
Note: Leaving the job field blank will trigger Tradify to mark the entry as non-billable.

As per the image below, by leaving the job field blank, Tradify will treat the entry as non-billable.


You can create special Billing Rates to use in these instances to further categorise the entry if needed.

Note: The orange colour in the timesheet entry means non-billable

Additional Information:

For more information on how to enter non-billable timesheets, please see here.


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