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Invoice variables provide a great way of automating some of your description text. For instance, if you always want your customer name to show in your invoice description.

Instead of typing it out, you can just use [customer name] and Tradify will automatically input the name when generating the invoice. 

Ensure you're using the [ ] function, as it pulls through to Tradify's system.

The following variables can be used in the invoice description and line item description:

  • [companyname] – your company name
  • [customername] – the customer's name
  • [contactname] – the contact name
  • [date] – the invoice date
  • [month] – the invoice month
  • [year] – the invoice year
  • [duedate] – the invoice due date
  • [number] – the invoice number
  • [jobaddress] – the job address


Examples of Invoice Variables

Examples below are for invoice IV1144 generated on 30th of September 2019 due on 20th of October 2019:

  • Computer Support for [month] [year] = Computer Support for September 2019
    Quarterly Service [month-2] – [month] = Quarterly Service July – September
    Invoice [number] due [duedate] = Invoice IV1144 due 20 October 2019 


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